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Membership covers the cost of a double journal each year. It also covers the purchase of new research books, expansion of the society's mission and general operating expenses. Subscription is from September 1 to August 31. All who join prior to June 1 will be credited with the current membership year and receive the current journal. Dues will be subject to renewal on August 31. All who join after June 1 will receive the journal beginning with the next journal and be credited for dues in the new subscription year. Members may submit any number of queries at no cost.

Membership Options: 

$30.00 - U.S. Basic Membership

$35.00 - U.S. Family Membership

$15.00 - Full Time Student

$35.00 - U.S. Genealogy Societies and Libraries

$450.00 - U.S. Lifetime Membership

Village of Dannemora residents receive free memberships. 

To apply for membership, send us the following information:


Mailing Address                        

Telephone Number                   

Email Address

Membership Type

Amount Enclosed

US Funds only...No credit/debit cards 

Send the above information with your check or money order:


PO Box 928

Dannemora, NY 12929

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