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We encourage our members to submit articles concerning family history and other genealogical or historical material. We like to hear your stories about genealogical pursuits and problems or unusual happenings in your research for information on your families. With your submissions, please give your membership number. This is appreciated in all dealings with the society. If you submit printed items, please make sure they are printed or typed when practicable. If digital material is submitted, please include a hard copy as well.


The editors of our journal, Lifelines, reserve the right to edit all contributions submitted. We will edit with the exception of original historical documents for spelling, form, grammar and obvious error. We may also shorten or lengthen the articles to fit available space. Contributors are responsible for the accuracy of the information and their opinions. If you submit material for publication, please be sure there are no copyright laws restricting its use. This does not only apply to written material. 

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